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 December 15, 2016

Everyone here at Henderson’s would like to wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

As normal I was thinking of pies and I am looking forward to a Turkey with mushroom sauce pie over Christmas.

One of the funniest things of the year was a turn by a comedian at the monthly comedy night at The New Barrack Tavern at Hillsborough where he explained that a pie is only a pie when all sides are covered with pastry, otherwise it is just a stew or casserole with a bit of pastry on the top. The New Barrack Inn Comedy Club is usually the first Sunday of the month, watch their website for details.

Well the recipe I’m going to share is not for a pie and does not include Turkey.

The recipe is for ‘Yorkshire Old Wives Sod’ and has been supplied to us by Mrs Simkins who is a well respected food writer who contributes to ‘The Dalesman’ and their sister magazine ‘Down Your Way’. Sue has a vast knowledge of all cooking but particularly traditional Yorkshire food.

No one seems to know the origin of this dish but it is believed to have been used as a savoury or pudding if a dollop of jam is spooned on the top.
We see it as a savoury dish that is amazingly enhanced by lashings of Henderson’s relish.



Yorkshire Old Wives Sod

The name may sound forbidding and unappetising but this ages-old Yorkshire recipe still makes a quick and tasty lunch or supper. Surprisingly light and delicate when made with care it’s also perfect if you’re feeling poorly (or ‘badly ‘as my nana used to say). If only we knew how its name came about!

Old recipe notes use full cream milk rather than semi-skimmed and cream and the oatcakes were lightly buttered

Serves 2
3 large eggs
200ml semi-skimmed milk
1tablespoon double cream
Pepper, salt and butter
2-3 oatcakes, lightly toasted and broken into pieces

Preheat oven to 140C (fan ovens) gas mark 3 or equivalent

Beat eggs and stir in milk, Season and pour into a buttered baking dish approximately 800ml in capacity.

Scatter in oatcake pieces, dot with butter. Bake for 20-25 minutes or until golden and just set. Eat immediately.