Have a read of some letters sent to us by Henderson’s lovers from their trips around the world.

We would like to hear from you if you have a tale to tell about Henderson’s Relish, whether you had it on your wedding cake or took it on a trip up the Amazon. Tell us how you use it and is it the secret ingredient in your meat and potato pie.

Send in your photos of you using Hendersons in the most exotic location or in the most unusual way (keep it clean!) and we will post them on our site.

Did you or someone you know once work at Hendersons and if so, what was it like. We would love to see any old photos related to Hendersons and would like to know any of your old tales.

Send your letters to:

Henderson’s Relish, 2a Parkway Rise, Sheffield S9 4WQ

or email them to us at sales@hendersonsrelish.com

Marco Pierre White Loves It!!! by Catboy

Hello there,

I am a Sheffield lad but I now live in Dubai presenting ‘The Catboy & Geordiebird Breakfast Show’ on Dubai 92. I regularly talk about Hendo’s on-air and there is a bit of a thing out here with my Yorkshire listeners about them bringing bottles out for each other.

There is quite a big expat community out here and plenty of Sheffielder’s. Every time I mention Henderson’s on my show I get loads of feedback from the listeners. They did sell the Henderson’s crisps out here in a really posh supermarket in Dubai Mall, but I haven’t seen them since.

On a recent breakfast show, we had Marco Pierre White talking about the launch of his new 5-star restaurant ‘Titanic’ in Dubai. During the course of the conversation, and knowing Marco was from Leeds, I asked if he ever cooked with Henderson’s. He had no idea what it was.

Within fifteen minutes I’d given him a brief history and showed him photos of the Henderson’s building in Sheffield. I also got my wife to drive into the studio with my last bottle of the stuff!

Marco quite literally drank half a bottle of Henderson’s on air (you can listen to the audio of him talking about it on this page). I’m down to my last half-bottle since Marco took the full one, but that said if I say that on-air, someone always fetches some on a return trip.

Marco was also extremely keen to visit you and see how the relish is made, so hopefully he’ll be in touch with you soon!

On a final note, my parents are coming to visit later in the year to see our new baby (which, by the way, might have a name you’ll really like).

All the best


Henderson’s Relish Forever by Rod Fretwell

Hi to everyone at Henderson’s,

I have just celebrated my 60th birthday and as a complete surprise, I was presented with a ‘Henderson’s Birthday Cake’ – my girls know it’s an important part of my life.

I was about 5 years old when I first tasted Henderson’s, which was in a meat pie being sold from a corner shop close to City Road baths.

It became a weekly ritual in those days that once we had enjoyed a night swimming and messing about at the baths we had “one of those meat pies with that relish stuff in it”.

Today I live in Bolton, Lancashire and have to make sure that when I am visiting relatives in Sheffield that I buy enough bottles for my stock, and additional bottles to give to my friends who have also become hooked on the taste of Henderson’s Relish.

They call me the Henderson’s Lancashire Rep!!!

I attended a friend’s wedding recently, and incidentally the brides Mum presented me with a bottle of Henderson’s. She had been told that I put Henderson’s on everything – which in reality is about right!!!

Also, being an ‘Owls’ supporter it was great to see that you have a special edition in celebration of their promotion to the Championship.

Keep up the great work and for my part I will continue to promote the best relish in the world to all neighbours, friends and workmates here in Lancashire.

All the very best to you all.

Rod Fretwell

Hendersons for Love by Brian Green

Just thought you might like to see what my Daughter-in-law has bought for my Son as a wedding present.

The tattoo was completed in time for their wedding at Mount St.Mary’s College Spinkhill on 1st August

Their names are Tara and Andrew you will see from the tattoo that their names are in the section for ingredients.

Relish it Poem by Fred Pass (in loving memory)

Henderson’s Relish is known worldwide
from Cooka Monga to Chippa Dag,
It’s better known than Sheffield Steel.
And we’re not the sort to brag.

Whether Chips and Fish, or Dumplings,
or Auntie Elsies Home made pie,
Henderson’s Relish will make it taste better,
so go on give it a try.

So when you’ve prepared a plate of food
and its taste, you want to embelish,
you will make yourself popular with everyone
by adding some Henderson’s Relish

The Scooter, Lambretta LI 1966 by Martin Cree

Martin Cree from Frechville in Sheffield has spent the last 7 years doing up his scooter. He decided to use the Hendersons logo, as he is a keen fan of our relish and because he is from Sheffield. He is a member of the Steel City Scooter Club. The Club meets every Thursday and go on rallies all over Yorkshire.