Sauerkraut Pie with Hendersons Relish

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 November 17, 2016

It’s some time since we posted on the blog but the continual rain of today made me dream of comfort food and my favourite topic, pies.

Earlier this year we delivered some blue and white and red and white striped relish to The University of Sheffield’s School of Languages and Cultures. It was for the Germanic Studies group who were hosting the annual Sauerkraut Cup football Tournament.

The tournament was won by Sheffield with Nottingham coming second and Leeds and Warwick third and fourth.

The real highlight was the Sauerkraut Pie and the home team sent us the recipe.

Sauerkraut Pie with Henderson’s (Serves 4-6)

As the nights draw in, what better way to stay warm than with a dish of comfort food spiced with Henderson’s relish. Sauerkraut and meatballs turn out to be the perfect partners for a mashed potato topping and spicy Henderson’s gravy in a complete one pot meal.

1 kg potatoes
250 g sauerkraut
500 ml beef stock
1 tbsp cornflower/thickening powder
1 tbsp Henderson’s Relish
600 g meatballs
1 onion – optional)

Sauerkraut is sold in jars in most major UK supermarkets. Some people like to chop and fry an onion to add to the sauerkraut as they heat it up. to make this recipe quickly and with typical continental taste, buy Swedish-style pre-cooked meat balls. alternatively you can buy ready-prepared meatballs to fry at home and then add the gravy or you can go back to basics and make your own. There is a good recipe for meatballs in Jamie Oliver’s Ministry of Food Book).


Peel, slice and boil the potatoes until tender and then mash them with a good splash of hot milk and some butter. Prepare the meatballs and shallow fry for 8-10 minutes, moving around gently at regular intervals. if the meatballs are already cooked just simmer in the pan with the thickened stock and the Henderson’s Relish. Transfer the meatballs and gravy to a large ovenproof dish; warm the sauerkraut through in the same pan you used for the meatballs (fry the chopped onions first and stir into the sauerkraut, if required), and layer it on top of the meatballs and gravy. Spoon the mashed potatoes on the top, make a ridged pattern on the surface with a fork and brush with melted butter. Cook in a hot oven for 20-25 minutes.
serve with extra gravy and Henderson’s Relish, peas and carrots.


Recipe kindly supplied by Caroline Bland,