The Arctic Monkeys

The boys were born in Sheffield and formed the Arctic Monkeys in 2002.

They have won seven Brit awards and numerous other prestigious music awards and nominations. For the launch of their AM album in 2013 the group had a limited edition of special label Relish bottles made to mark the occasion. The bottles sold out in minutes!

The following is an extract from a recent interview in the Guardian:

“Our conversation is punctuated by the distant strains of Sir Paul McCartney rehearsing – the chords of Get Back reverberating around the corrugated metal walls.

No one seems to pay much attention to the fact that a musical legend is belting it out nearby. Instead, drummer Matt Helders, 27, is deep in conversation with his bandmates about a matter of extreme importance: Henderson’s Relish.

“Do you know what Henderson’s Relish is?” he asks me. I shake my head. “It’s like Worcester sauce but a million times better.”

“Arctic Monkeys remain reassuringly un-LA. Hence the chitchat about Henderson’s Relish: every time Helders goes back to Sheffield, he packs four bottles of it in his suitcase to keep him going. “Bit of bubble wrap, then put them in a sock,” he says.

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