Meet our new bottle!

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 March 31, 2017


In 1885, Henry Henderson started selling relish from his general merchant store in Broad Lane – and customers would bring their used bottles for him to refill from large barrels.

132 years later, we’re going back to Henry’s ways by making use of locally recycled glass. Our new bottle is made by Beatson Clark in Rotherham: 30% of it is recycled, and 10% is recycled in the local area.

You’ll also spot the words “Henderson’s Relish” embossed above the label – another nod to Hendo’s history, taking a cue from the designs of our past.

Of course, there’s no change inside the bottle. Each one still contains 284ml of Hendo’s and it’s still made according to Henry Henderson’s secret recipe – just as it always has been.