Looking Into the Past

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 July 25, 2016

We have been fortunate to learn a bit more about Henderson’s Relish recently.
An e-mail and photo of an old bottle intrigued us as it was one we didn’t recognise. Barbara, Dave and Wayne came to the factory to show us the bottle and have a look round. They were amazed at the factory and we were blown away by the bottle.

It’s one we have never seen before, fitted with a cork and sealed, the relish we think is approximately 70 years old. We have tried 30 year old relish here at the factory but not 70 years old. Don’t worry we decided that a sealed bottle of that age was definitely not to be opened.

The bottle was found by Wayne in his mother in laws cupboard when it was recently cleared and he has donated it to us for our collection. We did swap it for some Sheffield United bottles as he is a season ticket holder at The Blades.

The bottle is rather poorly made, leaning with an uneven base. The two part moulded bottle has embossing down the bottle which shows its age. Absolutely priceless.

The bottle is pictured against the current ‘Hendophant’ bottle that is selling well for £3 with all proceeds going to the Sheffield Children’s Hospital Charity.