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 June 1, 2016

Henderson’s Art in the City.



There are so many great artists in Sheffield and many have created some iconic images and homages to our Relish. Thank you to everyone.

Just recently two artists have been in close touch with us, Matt Cockayne who has been painting ‘Hendophant’ and John Atherley who visited us to show us some of his art and contributed some prints to our growing art collection.



‘Hendophant’ by Matt Cockayne


We have commissioned Matt Cockayne to paint our member of the Herd called ‘Hendophant’.


Our elephant is part of the Herd of Sheffield which has descended on the steel city to raise money for The Children’s Hospital Charity. You will be able to find it on display opposite the old factory on Leavygreave Road. Full details of when the elephants are going to be on display are shown on the official website www.herdofsheffield.com.

Matt Cockayne (Goo-Design Artist )

South Sheffield born Matt Cockayne has been splashing Hendo’s on his dinner, tea and supper for as long as he can remember.

Originally trained as a sign writer at Castle College he has worked his way up through the design and print industry over the past 15 years and finally set up his own design label and became a self employed artist in April 2013.

His art has expanded from an Original Henderson’s themed collection to football themed art and a very Sheffield feel in general, Matt is very much a lad of the city.

Lately he has designed and hand painted us a Henderson’s themed Elephant for the Children’s Hospital, for the Herd of Sheffield exhibition.

Aptly named Hendophant, Matt stated, “I would never have thought splashing my meat n tata pie with relish as an 8 year old that I would be involved many years later in such a exciting project”.

Hendo’s really is, reyt good on owt.

On 18 May 2016 11:57, “Matt – Goo Design” <studio@goo-design.co.uk> wrote:


 matt and Hendophant



‘Tommy Tea Bag’ (a.k.a John Atherley)


We asked Sheffield Artist Tommy Teabag (a.k.a John Atherley) where he gets his inspiration for his art…


“I really, really, really love Sheffield and South Yorkshire. It’s where I grew up, it’s where I first picked up a crayon at my primary school in Woodhouse and drew my first person looking like a circle with sticks for legs. It’s where I had my first crush and it was where I first took my amazing journey through the ‘hole in the road’ with my Nan. Sheffield was always the place I felt most safe and most at home.


For reasons unknown to me, I wasn’t introduced to Hendersons Relish until I was about 5 years old. Perhaps it was my Nan thinking it was going to be too spicy for me?… or perhaps it was a simple case of her wanting me to be old enough to truly appreciate the taste and flavour it would bring to my meat and potato pie?.. either way I was sold. Hendo’s graced our table for almost every meal except for of course, treacle sponge and custard.


I don’t know if I said this already but I really LOVE Sheffield.  I admire talented artists such as Pete McKee who has managed to get the formula right for uniting Sheffield, Yorkshire and UK wide people through his Art. My first few artistic creations have been Hendo’s inspired and further influences include other Sheffield / South Yorkshire themes.


Cliché as it may sound – without the continued support from my lovely Maria and our wonderful children I would have slowly gone mad and produced nothing more than a circle stick leg thingy incapable of impressing a mealworm. Thanks for reading this article and if you would like to know a little more about me and my art – Click here. (http://www.tommyteabagart.co.uk)


Tommy tea bag