This storied city gave the world Stainless Steel,
Pulp, The Full Monty and The Arctic Monkeys.
But every day it gives more – the unique taste
of garlic, spices and tamarinds, first blended
into a secret recipe by Henry Henderson in 1885.

Whitby Fish & Chips and Henderson’s Relish:
both were included in the Dalesman magazine’s
list of ‘75 great icons of Yorkshire’. Simply put
them together for a classic Yorkshire treat.

Made in Sheffield to a secret recipe since 1885, ‘Hendo’s’,
‘the Black Stuff’, ‘Relish’ is today a Sheffield institution, adding
spice and savour to any dish. Splash it on Wensleydale Rarebit
for a classic Yorkshire treat.

However you take your pudding, a little Henderson’s
Relish can bring spice and savour to any meal. Stirred
into gravy or splashed straight on, Hendo's makes a
Yorkshire classic even tastier.

From Steak & Kidney to Chicken & Mushroom –
Henderson’s Relish adds oomph to any pie.
Whatever the filling, Hendo’s is willing.

About Hendo’s


The History

It was Mr Henry Henderson who concocted his first batch of Relish in 1885. Originally made at 35 Broad Lane in Sheffield.

The Relish

‘Hendo’s’, ’the Black Stuff’, ‘the Relish’ is today a Yorkshire institution, adding spice and savour to any dish


The Fans

Famous Sheffield folk who just love Henderson’s Relish. See why they love Yorkshire’s best kept secret!


The Tales

Love letters, paeans of praise and tokens of devotion, sent to us in Sheffield by Henderson’s lovers from all around the world.


Recipes: Explore the possibilities


Hendo’s has played muse to amateur and professional chefs from around Sheffield, Yorkshire and the world (in that order). Discover some of the culinary masterpieces the Relish has inspired – and recreate them at home.

If you have your own recipe and would like to share it with us, please click here. If you would also like to purchase a recipe cook book, pleased click here.

The Laundrette Mary

At The Laundrette they are proud users of Henderson’s Relish, not only on the bar – in their seven ‘bloody good’ Marys – but also in the kitchen in their famous burgers and fiery Ketchup.

See recipe

Cured Salmon

This is a version of Gravlax. Instead of dill we use Henderson’s Relish and black treacle to cure the salmon.

See recipe

Henderson's Relish Family Pie

This is the pie that our friends at the Rutland Hotel served to Jim Dowd MP on his visit to the Henderson’s factory.

See recipe

Jon McClurse’s Chilli con Carne

In the words of the Reverend “easy and reight nice”. Serves 4.

See recipe

Chocolate & Hendo’s Mousse

Henderson’s Relish is a difficult one to match with a dessert, but has an affinity with rich chocolate.

See recipe

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